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Financial Solutions for Your Business


Outsourced CFO

Executive-level financial leadership for your team. Outsourced CFOs are an affordable option for small to mid-sized companies. We offer full-time, fractional, interim or project based strategic advisory matched to your business needs.

CFOs provide operational and strategic planning, financial modeling, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), multi-entity and multi-currency situations, consult on raising capital, and more.


Financial Controller

Controllers are your solution for accounting leadership or when you have simply outgrown bookkeeping services.

Our controllers will dive into your reporting, budgeting, analysis of financial data, cash forecasting, finance system implementation and integration, as well as chart of accounts restructure and optimization.


Bookkeeping Services

Daily financial transactions have you in the weeds? Our bookkeepers are versed in multiple accounting software platforms, so it’s a smooth transition no matter what system your company uses.

We tackle updating and correcting your books from both the prior and current year.


Cryptocurrency Accounting & Blockchain Integration

In the emerging landscape of digital assets the ability to properly account for Blockchain transactions and apply optimal tax strategy, by utilizing the latest technology and guidance, is essential.

We have the knowledge and network to be one of your supporting partners, whether it be disbursing or receiving payments in a digital asset, approaches to valuing digital asset holdings, or ongoing token accounting and transactions.


Forensic Accounting

We have forensic accountants specialized in supporting your company through anticipated or current financial disputes or litigation.

Our forensic accounting will assist with the data collection, preparation, analysis, and reporting involved with calculating the financial damages your business may have incurred.


Due Diligence Preparation For Companies

If you are considering selling your business, we can help prepare you for due diligence. Due diligence is when a potential buyer conducts a financial inspection of your business before a purchase.

Having guidance, de-risking, and a data room in advance reduces the stress and work that often comes with a sale, and ensures that you maximize the value of your company.


Due Diligence Preparation For Investors

We are your partner in evaluating your next potential investment. Reduce your risk by letting us verify the historic and current financial performance of the company that you are considering for your next venture.


We will dig up need-to-know information from the balance sheet as well as generate informative financial models and projections.


M&A (Mergers And Acquisitions) Advisory

Whether you are on the buying or the selling side, our M&A specialists have the experience to advise you through each stage of the merger or acquisition process.

We discover prospective target companies and buyers ready for the next stage of growth. We build the appropriate M&A strategy, offer readiness and support, perform due diligence, business valuation, manage post-merger integration and business turnaround.


Audit Preperation

Financial audits occur periodically to examine a company’s financial systems and statements. Auditors check the accuracy of numbers and internal processes. Our audit preparation services ensure that audits run efficiently.

Our specialist will guide your organization prepare and provide the necessary financial statements and documentation. We then coordinate communication and get your auditor the necessary deliverables.


Account Reconciliation

Accounting reconciliation and review is a critical piece of every organization’s financial integrity.

We ensure that all accounts are being reconciled properly as well, as that ensure that your company has a reconciliation policy and process in place..


ERP & SAAS-GAAP-ASC606 Implementations

Gain insight and management of all of your core business processes through enterprise resource planning software integration. Our team can centralize all of your data from various functions of the company into one complete system to streamline processes and information across your entire organization.

Your inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management systems, and more, are all integrated into a single platform. We specialize in SaaSOptics implementations and integrations with QBO.


Financial Systems Automation

Advances in technology have played a significant role in companies shifting to automated financial systems. Our advisors streamline processes to help your organization save time and money.

We implement and integrate platforms such as Quickbooks Online,, Expensify, Gusto, eShares, and Salesforce, to name a few. This work provides the automation, central control and reporting to enable intelligent data for business decisions


C-Level Strategic Advisory

We complement your financial strategy with top-tier C-level advisors and consultants. Our experienced chief executive officers (CEOs), chief marketing officers (CMOs), and sales and business development experts are the consultants that your company needs to round out your team.

Our strategic advisors work with our outsourced financial professionals so your business gets a comprehensive solution instead of individual consultants and services.

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